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Three Types of Cyclers

The Imperium Cycler team proudly presents you a 1x3, 1x4 and 1x5 structure cycler, that has not been seen in online business so far. Start position cost just $2.00 and you will earn on each line when cycled. Fast plan position cost 5$ and you will earn 25$ when cycled.

Roger Garfield


STARTER cycler 1X4 is basic Imperium team plan. All members start for $2. This is price for Starter position. When your cycle proces done in all 3 lines, you will get one position in JUNIOR plan ($75) and $30 pure profit for payout.

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Roger Garfield


JUNIOR cycler 1X3 plan is not for direct buy, you will get position here. When your STARTER plan done, $75 will be transfered automaticly from there, and when your cycle proces done in all 3 lines, you will earn $1150 pur profit for payout.

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Roger Garfield


Fast plan cycler 1X5 plan You can buy direct. Each position price is $5 and when cycle process done, you will earn $25. Fast plan in future will have more line for fast earn for $10, $20 and all levels will be 1x5 structure cycler.

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Why Choose Imperium X3 Cycler?

There are several good reasons why you should take part in an Imperial X3 Cycler. You can be one of the many satisfied members of this very fast and quality cycler.

Fast Cycler Sistem

Very fast cycle system that allows you to earn profits and earnings very quickly. You don't have to wait for the end of the all cycle process to earn money

Fast Payment System

At the end of the each position cycle, we will send Your Profit in next 24h to Your Payment Processor, left in the register form.

24/7 Help & Support

For all your problems or questions, our services are available 24 hours a day. You can contact us via support mail and we will respond very quickly.

Low Investment Cost

With a very low cost of investment and the ability to pay with several different payment processors, make big profits in the Imperial X3 Cycler

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Cycle Positions
Finished Projects

Plans Built For Every One

Very low investment costs are tailored to everyone's pockets. For only $2 or $5 you can buy a position and start realizing your dreams.

Junior Plan


  • Imperium 1 - 1x3 - $75
  • Imperium 2 - 1x3 - $175
  • Imperium 3 - 1x3 - $425
  • End of the cycle.
  • Pure Profit - $1150

Junior plan

Fast Plan


  • Imperium Fast 1 - 1x5 - $5
  • Imperium Fast 2 - 1x5 - $10
  • Imperium Fast 3 - 1x5 - $20
  • Pure Profit per Levels:
  • 1($25) 2($50) 3($100)

Fast Plan

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Multiply your income from the comfort of your own home Unique combination of Cycler line where earnings are guaranteed for all members. We connected the best tactics and strategies to create a truly extraordinary unique combination of Cycler line. We know that credibility is the most important factor for an online investment business. We won't tell you that we deserve your trust. In this case we will let our actions speak for ourselves. No matter where you're from, what's your age, gender or skin color. As long as you have an internet connection,few dollars and friends you can benefit from this opportunity too. This is what IMPERIUM X3 Cycler is all about. To join the wining team, just inbox us, we are here to help you to make your financial dream a reality only if you believe. Thank you! IMPERIUM X3 TEAM